1. Since 2011 my work has involved the creation of conceptually based sociopolitical site specific temporary installations for indoor sites. In 2011 I began drawing with chalk onto blackboard surfaces inside of the gallery space. Hand drawings by chalk has now become a very prominent feature in my work and I continue to use the same blackboard colour (green) and medium (chalk) that I used in exhibition Kunst >Everyday nothing. “Artist Liena Bondare presents a big installation called Kunst >  Everyday Nothing (Art is bigger than the everyday nothing), an interactive, process-based work where the silkscreen printing technique is combined with ephemeral chalk drawings on 24 different size blackboards: a blown-up group multiple referents, from Leonardo da Vinci and his thoughts on time and the instant, to the artists Joseph Beuys, Marcel Duchamp or Yukio Mishima in the idea of “art and life”. The title refers to a mathematical formula and takes us back to our school times with an invitation to intervene with chalks on the blackboards. She encourages us to reflect upon the meaning of art, its relation to life, the market and History, in addition to questioning the idea of authorship, original and copy.” Anne Heyvaert

    In my work, I deconstruct the routine of everyday life (instead of art), mathematical formulas, education system and cultural icons. Fragility of chalk and fact that each spectator can leave a comment or destroy artwork and after the exhibition all blackboards will be covered by wall colour is important aspect for me. My work also addresses to themes and aesthetic categories that is common in Post Soviet area (work Chernobyl - Disneyland). I am using quotations from literature, philosophy, psychology, art history and internet to wed minimal form with maximal content.